My Baby Clock 应用的评论


don't buy it

Don't buy it it does not work I'm telling u don't get it in the morning I woke at 1:00 pm and I was late for work

Great functionality and a fun interface

It does everything an alarm would need to do including multiple alarms (I have one for weekdays and one for weekends) and the ability to change your snooze time. The regular alarm that came on the phone only has one snooze setting (9 minutes I think?) and I always found that kind of annoying. I really like how Baby Clock lets you use your own photos, too.

Nice alternative to the built-in iPhone alarm clock

I prefer this app to the standard alarm. It lets you use as many pics of your kids as you want, plus, the alarm sounds are good too. I was happy to find out they weren't obnoxious crying or screaming sounds - these are very Disney-esque soothing tones and very pleasant to wake up to.

Too cute.

I leave this app running on my desk while I charge my phone... Now everyone who walks buy HAS to stop and see the latest baby pics. Aw!

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